A.S.A.P Plan!
Assured Service ALWAYS has
our customer in mind.  That is
why we put together a preferred
treatment plan that would cut
costs and add services for our
valued, repeat customers!
Heating Inspection:

Inspect all heating elements

Inspect & adjust pilot lite

Inspect for any leaks

Inspect thermostat

Inspect heat exchanger

Inspect & adjust burners

Inspect all safety controls

Inspect flue pipe

Inspect gas valve

Inspect all electrical connections

Inspect circulator pumps
Plumbing Inspection:

Inspect toilets

Inspect faucets for leaks

Inspect washing machine hoses

Inspect all shut-off valves

Complete water-heater inspection
$49.95 Service Fee Waived Every Visit!

Special Value Rate on Every Job!

Courtesy Tags for all Shut-Off Valves!

Free Annual Heating & Plumbing Inspection!

Free Pre-Season Safety Inspection!

"Preferred Seating" on all after-hours scheduling!

3 Year Parts & Labor Warranty!
Plan lasts (1) full calendar year.
Proper preventative
on your
plumbing can save you
money in the future!  It
helps your equipment last
longer and run more
We don't just talk quality service, we ASSURE it!
* Drain cleaning services include 7 day warranty only! *
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