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I got your email address from Eric Chaffee of Assured Service Inc. He advised that you
were a customer who would be willing to reply to emails from perspective customers. So, I
am writing to see how your experience was with Assured Service and if you would
recommend them for a central AC install.

thanks very much for your time,

David Gxxxx


Re: Central AC install referral
Saturday, May 29, 2010 12:42 PM

"Pxx Gxxxxx" <pxxxx@hsph.harvard.edu>

"David Gxxxx" <dxxxxgxxx@gmail.com>

Hi David,

We can recommend Eric without hesitation.  

We've been customers of his since he first began his own company (and we aren't
surprised by the growth!).

Probably the best thing we encountered was when, for about 2 years, he kept making
minor fixes to our main boiler, to help us avoid buying a new one.  At ANY of those times,
someone else could have said, "This can't be fixed.  I need to install a completely new
Finally, when one of the two redundant safety mechanisms failed late at night, we
decided that we'd call him back first thing in the morning to arrange for a new boiler.  
When we called, he said he was going to call us, that he had been up at night, worrying
about the safety issue, and didn't think we should leave it like that.
So... we got a new boiler, but we managed to postpone a big purchase for about two
years, with just minor costs.

And for his existing customers, he'll "be there" (or send someone) no matter when, if it's
truly an emergency.

We just replaced our central AC system, much like the boiler several years ago, after a
few years of Eric's nursing it through various problems rather than selling us a new one.  
(In case you can't tell, about 8 years ago, we bought a charming but old house ;-)

He also installed an extra vent in the master bedroom (and extra venting in the attic), so
the air flow would be better when the door was closed.  (The main air return is in the
hallway.)  It worked like a charm.

And if he says he'll "be there"... he'll BE THERE.
And that's important with plumbing, especially!

(As a comparison, this is while we can't get a painter even to get us an estimate!  

We have already recommended him to a few friends and neighbors.

I hope things go well for you, too!

... Pxx

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